Obtaining Your Passport

Our office may be able to assist you if you are having difficulties with your passport application or renewal.

Applicants that have applied for passports will typically receive them within four to six weeks of completing the application, or three weeks if you requested to have your passport expedited. If you have not received your passport in a timely manner, my office can contact the passport agency to check on the status of your passport or request that it be expedited.

Please keep these timeframes in mind when applying for passports and planning your trip to ensure you receive your passport on time.

If you need to apply for a passport or have yours renewed, visit the State Department’s web page on passports and international travel.

In order for my office to make an inquiry, you must first fill out the privacy release form authorizing my office to receive information on your behalf. You can access a privacy release form online, or by contacting my district office if you would like it mailed to you. Once you have filled out the privacy release form, you can mail, fax or drop it off to one of the office locations listed at the bottom of this web page. Our office will then be able to begin the process of resolving any issue you may have.